Are you longing for the healing power of touch, but aren't sure that it's safe?

Left-centered head shot of a sad-looking woman wearing a red hoodie and a yellow head scarf against a grey background.

Are you a cancer patient or survivor?

Photo Courtesy Handle With Care Burn Scar Massage

Do you have a burn injury?

Close-up photo of a woman hiding her face under a pillow, with a white blanket pulled up to her chin and holding a pair of black-rimmed glasses on top of the blanket

Are you healing from a traumatic experience?

Close-up photo of a woman's head face-up on a massage table with a massage therapist's hands cradling the sides of her head.

Do you just need to rest?

No matter who you are or why you are seeking my massage services, my response to you is the same:

I see that you're hurting.

It's okay if you're scared.

You may feel as though you have completely lost your identity to this thing that has happened to you.

You need to feel safe, comforted, and validated.

This is why I am here.

Whether your scars are on the inside or the outside does not matter to me.

I see you.

You matter.

I am here for you.

You can come and find rest on my table.