Cancellations and Change Requests


48-hour Cancellation Window

If you find that you will not be able to attend  your scheduled session,  please let me know as soon as possible. Just as  I require 48 hours’  notice for booking, I require 48 hours’ notice for  fee-free cancellation. Any cancellation or appointment change requests  (moving to a different day or time) made less than 48 hours prior to the  scheduled start time of the session that I have on the books for you  will result  in a charge of 50% of the scheduled session price. Thank  you for  respecting the need of this sole proprietor to adequately  support her  family. 

Verification of Cancellation/Change Request

Please note that your appointment is NOT considered cancelled or changed unless you have heard back from me verifying that fact! If you try texting me to ask for a cancellation or a change, and do not hear back from me within an hour or two (within reasonable hours -- if it is midnight, I am not going to get up to  respond to an email -- but the time stamp on the text or email will  suffice for notification) confirming the change, please try sending me an email or calling me, to make sure that I have received your request. 

Even if you submit your cancellation/change request by logging in to your Square account through my website, please still send me an email or a text to verify that I have received it. Technology is wonderful and usually very useful, but I do not trust it implicitly. If you do not receive verification from me that I have  received your request, I may *not* have received it, and might end up  charging you a cancellation fee that should not have been charged because *I* did not receive your request in time.  

If I Need to Cancel or Change an Appointment

That said, let’s talk about if  *I* need to cancel or reschedule your session for any reason. If for  some reason I am unable to honor your scheduled appointment time, I will  let you know with the same 48-hours’-notice that I expect of you. That  is only fair. I get sick, my kids get hurt, and my car breaks down too.  If I must cancel your appointment within the 48-hour cancellation  window for any reason that is on me (as opposed to a weather event or other unforeseen “act of  God,” discussed below), I will credit you for 50% of the session fee on your next appointment (same length of session, please). I think that is only fair. 

Inclement Weather/“Acts of God”

If there is a sudden weather event rendering  travel unsafe, appointments will be rescheduled without fees. I don’t want to endanger you or myself! 

Additionally, if there is any other unforeseeable, unavoidable reason that crops up (within the 48-hour cancellation window) why a scheduled appointment cannot be fulfilled, such as a power outage, water issues in the building where I work, or anything else that could be considered an “act of God” (circumstances  that are  unavoidable and not anyone’s fault), then that session may be  rescheduled to the soonest suitable time with no fees assessed.