Client Confidentiality


 As a massage therapist, I am not “legally bound to follow HIPAA” (at this time in Texas, anyway), but it serves as a pretty good guideline and follows basic common sense protocols. It would be terribly bulky and inconvenient for me to list and for you to have to read through all of HIPAA's official requirements, so I am summarizing how I intend to comply with them below. If you have any specific questions about how I maintain client confidentiality that are not covered below, feel free to contact me.

It is my policy that I will not share your personal health information with anyone else unless you agree and/or it is required by law. There are really only three reasons, other than being subpoenaed by a court, that I would need to speak with anyone about your personal health records:

1) If I need to communicate with your doctor’s office about a particular issue I will ask you to sign a waiver giving them permission to speak with me about you. I have to show them the signed waiver before they will speak to me.

2) If you have indicated that there is someone else with whom I may communicate about your sessions, such as your emergency contact, or if you have a legal guardian (parent, medical/financial POA, guardian), I may need to speak with them about your health issues/future session plans and/or billing arrangements from time to time. 

3) If there is anyone else with whom you would like to allow sharing of information about your massage sessions, progress, or plans, or any other information that you have shared with me in confidence, then you will have to sign a release form before they can be included in on those conversations. This includes a spouse, parent of a client above the age of 18, "best friend," or anyone else who does not already possess the legal right to know your business.

I promise to protect your personal information both in my workplace and in my home office (where I store some of my paperwork in a locked cabinet, as the storage space in my workspace is limited), and everywhere in between. This means that I won't leave your documents lying around for other people to see, allow your information to be shared electronically, or be compromised in any way that I can possibly prevent.

I discourage the use of email to transmit any private information to me, as my email server is not "secure." The best way to share diagnoses, test results, new symptoms, etc. with me is by telephone or in person. Nobody else has access to my voicemail, so leaving a message is fine; however, because I may end up calling you back if I need clarification on something, it is best to simply ask me to call you back if you have to leave me a voicemail.