If  you do not show up for your appointment, and you do not let me know  ahead of time, I will charge you the full cost of the session. It  is an extremely rare occasion, in my experience, when a simple text  cannot be sent to say “On my way to the ER. More later.” I do understand  that emergencies happen. If a true emergency does occur and you are  unavoidably unable to contact me prior to your appointment (even inside  of the 48-hour cancellation window), please contact me as soon as  possible. I promise that I will take your circumstances into  consideration before I charge the no-show fee. 

Forgetting your  appointment, double-booking yourself with a hair appointment, or leaving  for vacation without remembering to reschedule your appointment with me  does NOT constitute and emergency, and takes food from my children’s  mouths. Going into labor DOES count as “unavoidable,” in my experience.  

However, if you seem to have a high ratio of “emergencies” as compared  to most, I may reconsider my no-fee policy on an individual basis. Or I  may decide to require non-refundable prepayment for future sessions.  Again, thank you for respecting the need of this sole proprietor to  adequately support her family.