Practice Policies



It is my policy to always have my client modestly draped. I will  uncover the area of the body that I am working on at the time, and  re-cover that area when I am ready to move on to the next area. 

For my purposes, “modest draping” means that the cover will never be positioned above the inguinal or gluteal crease (the  crease between the top of the thigh and the pubic area in front or the  thigh and buttock in the back) or below the top of the hip bones in  front or gluteal cleft in back, and for women will not expose the breast  tissue unless we have previously discussed the need for incorporating  breast massage into your treatment plan and you have signed a separate  consent form indicating such. Think of a fairly modest two-piece  swimsuit. Gluteal work is performed over the sheet. 

Not using a drape (top sheet, at the least) is not acceptable in my practice; any such requests will be viewed as  inappropriate and will be treated as any inappropriate request/behavior (detailed below). If you  are hot-natured, please tell me ahead of time so I can make sure to have a set of linens available for you that will preserve modesty while not requiring my usual light blanket. 

Inappropriate Requests/Behavior/Comments

 I will just go ahead and "say it out loud”: I do not provide any sort of sexual services, and any requests or suggestions along those lines will result in the immediate cessation of your session, along with a call to local law enforcement while you are dressing to leave and the full service fee being charged, no matter how long the massage actually lasted. 

Soliciting for prostitution is illegal in Texas, y’all. 

I have a  zero-tolerance policy for suggestive comments, touching or grabbing me anywhere without my express permission (just as I require your express permission to touch you for your massage -- that is what your signature on my forms is for), or pushing the drape down or up exposing body parts that are  not supposed to be exposed during a massage session (see "Draping," above). I am a licensed, professional massage therapist with the utmost respect for my clients' safety, dignity, and privacy. I expect the same respect in return. 

Pressure and Other Variable Massage Elements

It is my policy to work conservatively unless I know that you have no  contraindications to deeper/more aggressive work. If you have no current  health conditions, and you are experiencing no lasting effects from any prior illnesses, then we can work as deeply as you wish, bearing in mind that I am not a particularly heavy-handed massage therapist. If you are one who believes that massage is not effective unless it hurts, and you are not ready to try a more gentle approach, then I may not be the right therapist for you. If, however, you have health concerns that may preclude the use of deep pressure and a fast pace, then you have come to  the right place! I will always tailor my work to your needs (both  physically and emotionally). Sometimes, your medical history will reveal  to me a need that you may not realize that you have. 

The “variable  massage elements” can include not just how much pressure I use, but also  how fast I work, how I position you (or parts of you) on my table and  whether or not I leave any body parts out of the massage (or work in a  different manner on one part than the rest of you). All of these modifications are made based on your overall health picture, any symptoms you are experiencing at the time of the massage, and what you feel is most comfortable at any given time. 

I will go over my plans for your massage as thoroughly as possible at our first appointment (that is what the extra consultation time is for), so that you are prepared for the session and so that you may ask any questions that you may have  about those plans. 

Paperwork (Intake and Other Forms)

It is required by Texas state regulations that I retain a properly-filled out intake form for each client I see, and that this form be updated once per year or “whenever a client’s reason for seeking massage changes” (that’s pretty broad, isn’t it?). I therefore require that each client fill out my intake form, as thoroughly as possible, and preferably prior to their first appointment. I will absolutely not perform massage on any client without a completed and signed intake form. 

I will also sometimes request additional documents to be completed and signed, such as a release form in case I need to consult with your physician’s office, a breast massage consent form for certain female clients, or other forms as necessary.  

I will soon have my forms available on my website for you to print and fill out at  your convenience, so that you can focus on discussing the form rather than filling it out at our first session.