Allergies, Scents, and Other Sensitivities


My Products are Hypo-Allergenic

Because so many people are sensitive to so many different things, I have carefully selected products that are expressly hypo-allergenic or non-allergenic. The oil that I use is pure jojoba, which is the closest substance in nature to human sebum (the oil that our skin excretes). 

The lotion I use is vegan, nut-free, fragrance free, and gluten free. I am happy to provide you with the ingredients list, if you would like. 

I do not currently offer aromatherapy (certain essential oils combined with oil or lotion and applied to the skin, or diffused into the air of the massage room), but I am exploring that option for the future. For future reference, though, if you are sensitive or allergic to any plant aromatics (I once knew a woman who was deathly allergic to lime oil, for instance), PLEASE tell me during the intake so that I can make note of your sensitivity and be sure to not use that on you or allow it to linger in the room for your session (not use it on a client prior to you that day). 

Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies

 If you are allergic to peanuts or other nuts, let me know during the intake. I sometimes eat nuts during my breaks; if I have a client who is allergic scheduled, I will be certain to clean extra-vigilantly prior to your session and not eat anything with nuts or peanuts on the day of your appointment. If you are one of those who has such a strong allergy to peanuts or tree nuts that any cross-contamination at all could cause you harm, then I am probably not the right massage therapist for you, as I cannot guarantee that there will be absolutely no contamination in my treatment room. I hate to say that, but I would rather lose out on a potentially great client than cause anyone harm. 

There is never any gluten in my space or products, as I myself am gluten-free. 

Cat and Dog Allergies

 If you are allergic to cats, please let me know this, and the extent of your sensitivity to their dander, during the intake. I work in a cat-free environment, but I do have cats at home. I always pack up my linens and work clothes immediately after laundering them and keep them inaccessible to the cats, and to their dismay I refuse to touch or hold them once I am dressed for work, but I cannot guarantee complete freedom from any dander. 

Every once in a great while I will take my son’s car to work (meaning that I ride in a dog-inclusive vehicle in my work clothes), so any allergy to dogs should be noted as well. 

Perfume, Cologne, and Other Scents

 If you are a scent-wearer, please keep in mind that scents tend to linger in an enclosed space. The scent of perfume, cologne, or other scent-heavy products on someone receiving a massage at 10:00 on Tuesday morning could still be present for my 5:00 Wednesday afternoon appointment. Some of my clients are highly sensitive to scents, especially those who are on nausea-inducing chemotherapy and pregnant mamas. 

I personally also sometimes experience scent-induced migraines, including from “natural” products scented with essential oils), which can put a real damper on the rest of my workday and beyond. This also includes cigarette smoke-smell and “vape” fumes. So I encourage those who enjoy scents to continue to enjoy them -- just not in my workspace, please. 

Clients who routinely wear scents that bother me may be asked to schedule their appointments at the end of my workday. Another option, if possible, would be to shower before your appointment (and not apply any scents until after you have left the premises). Thank you for understanding.

Avanti Senior Living is a smoke-free facility.