I Serve . . . You.

 I offer my services based on time, not “modality,” “type of client,” or “add-on.” This keeps things simple for both of us: My recordkeeping is streamlined, and you don’t feel like you’re getting nickled and dimed to death -- no worrying “how much will those hot towels cost me?” when you should be enjoying your massage. 

That said, here are my streamlined, straightforward prices: 

 ❤ 30 minutes = $45.00

 ❤ 60 minutes = $80.00*

 ❤ 90 minutes = $120.00*

 ❤ 120 minutes = $160.00*

FYI, the listed session times are for time on the table, not time spent discussing your needs and goals for the session beforehand.  *Please note that if you have a medical condition, it may not be in your best interest to receive a longer session. This is one of the things that we will be discussing prior to your first session. 

On my booking page, you will find two sets of services listed: One that says "New Clients" and one that says "Regulars." 

Choosing which to schedule is easy: 

 ❤ If you have not seen me before, please choose "New Clients." 

This gives us time to "connect" and to discuss your needs and goals for your session before we get you on the table. 

***Note that I will not "approve" a session for a new client until I have spoken with you by telephone beforehand. I would like to know if you have any conditions for which I need to be prepared before your arrival. ***

 ❤ If you are a returning client with no new information, please select "Regulars."

The premise here being that if you have seen me before and you have no new health information to share with me, then we can get you right on the table without a lot of pre-session chitchat. 

 ❤ If you are a returning client with new information, please select "New Client." 

This gives us the time to discuss those changes before you get on the table, so you will get your full session time. "New information," for my purposes, includes but is not limited to the following: 

A new pregnancy;

Gave birth to your baby;

New symptoms;

A new diagnosis;

New test results;

A new treatment plan;

A change in treatment plan;

Finishing up treatment;

Moved into palliative or hospice care;

Anything else that might influence how I care for you. 

If in doubt about whether I should know something or not, please ask me. Sometimes there are things that you wouldn't think matter for a massage, but they do. If your information does not affect my treatment plan for you, then that is fine -- no harm, no foul. Sometimes, however, that little thing that does not seem to matter could alert me to the need to make a change that you might not even notice during your session, but that change might protect you from the development or exacerbation of a lifelong issue. You can read more about such things on my blog (once I get it going). 

I promise that I will not share any private information with anyone else, unless you give me permission to or ask me to (such as communicating with your doctor's office or your caregivers about your needs), or it is required by law somehow (the law actually requires me to keep your personal health information private unless you give me permission to speak with someone else, or under certain legal circumstances that don't often apply to private practice massage therapists). 

You can read more about my privacy and other policies on my Policies Page.

Contact Me!

Tap the "Contact Me!" button below to go directly to my contact page. Or, all me at 469-284-9559. I can't wait to see you! 

*Note that sessions are available by appointment only; for the protection and privacy of our residents, no drop-ins or same-day bookings are accepted. 

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